We will be collecting loose change for:

Buddy Bags

Helping Food Insecure Students in South Lake County, IN

            Children who are benefiting from free breakfast and lunch at school, are not always so fortunate on the weekends.

Studies show that a hungry student tends to have attention difficulties and slower memory recall. Other studies show that it takes up to two days for a student who has not eaten well over the weekend to regain their mental and physical strength. It is no surprise that suppling these students with supplemental nutrition over the weekend helps with these issues.

Imagine trying to concentrate on your studies when your stomach is grumbling. You are not only hungry, but embarrassed at the thought of your fellow students hearing your stomach. It is hard enough being a child. Worrying about food should not be one of their concerns.

This program provides students that qualify for the Federal Free Lunch Program a bag of food to take home on the last day of the school week. The "Buddy Bag" contains breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack for two days. 


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